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The Newport AOH Men’s Golf League is open to all interested parties.  Come and join us for our Monday evening golf league in Jamestown, RI.

Where:  Jamestown Country Club

When:  Monday T' times between 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm.

Points of Contact:

If you would like to join the league please contact:



A complete list of the league's rule will be included in a handout and will be posted at the Jamestown Country club house.

League rules are set at the leagues preseason meeting.

Set Rules include:

  • League play:

    • Play will be team medal play/stroke play.

    • Net scores of a team's low players will be recorded as the team total.

    • The number of team scores that are recorded will be subject to change and will be determined by the league principals who will make changes in consideration of the total number of players per team.

      • Please note: The low four scores have been followed as precedent.

  • Pace of play:

    • Since a medal play format requires that every stroke be holed, it is strongly encouraged that every player practice "continuous putting" to speed play.

    • Out of bounds on the first and ninth holes, a lost ball, unplayable lies, and water hazards.

    • In a deviation from USGA practice, a ball may be lifted, cleaned, and placed in your own fairway without penalty within one club length no nearer the hole.

    • All play is from the "blue tees"


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